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UCR: Your Passport to the World's Emerging Markets

Welcome to The Global Programs offered exclusively through UCR’s School of Business Administration.  We are eager to get you on board to see the world. This website provides important information on the Program’s mission, the country portfolio and the important deadlines.

The mission of the Global Programs is to open opportunities for students of all majors – both undergraduate and graduate – to strengthen their resumes with international exposure by seeing first-hand the most important, dynamic and emerging markets in the world.

The Global Programs: An Asset For Your Future

ChinaWe designed the Program with one overarching aim – to help you add competitive value to your resume.  Remember, how you position yourself in the marketplace will be the difference between the job you want, the income that matches your talent and your long-term competitiveness.  Global exposure is one of the best ways to show your future employer that you are a serious candidate and that you value diversity of culture and ideas. 

All students who have maximized their Global Program investments have shared their stories about the job interview – their trip overseas was one of the winning factors of landing the job. 

For example, a student from our first Oxford program shared his story of his interview for the USC master’s in accountancy program.  One of the highlights of the interview was the discussion of his exposure to world-class lectures and site visits while in residence at Oxford.  This UCR and USC alum is now working for one of the Big Four accounting firms in Los Angeles. 

OxfordAnother recent example comes from a student who invested in all of the trips over her time as a marketing major at the School of Business Administration.  Her exposure to Oxford, India and China was a major differentiator in landing her a job after graduation working at Walmart’s corporate headquarters.  She is well-positioned to understand the challenges and opportunities impacting the world’s largest retail firm.

Recently, one of our students who invested in both the China and Oxford programs was able to land a summer internship at a Los Angeles-based Chinese solar company working directly with the CEO.  Having the China Program on his resume enabled him to speak with authority about China’s manufacturing and distribution into the American market while also giving him the skillset to negotiate a higher salary due to his expertise in international management culture.

IndiaSeveral students outside of the School of Business Administration join the Program as well.  For example, students from psychology, sociology, anthropology and political science now have global experience through investing in The Global Programs.  Graduate students from across campus have also made the investment.  Recently, one of UCR’s doctoral students in neuroscience joined the Oxford program whose entrepreneurship theme exposed her to the possibilities of taking her talents in the sciences and one day bring them to the marketplace.

Since the Program began with our first trip to Oxford in 2010, hundreds have invested in The Global Programs and in 2014-15, we will be adding two new markets to our portfolio – Japan and Vietnam.  As you explore the various global opportunities within the website, ask the following questions: 

How can I make my resume more competitive? 
Does my resume have global exposure?
Does my resume differentiate from the rest of the pile?

We look forward to getting you on board to see the world and increasing your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Welcome to the Global Program!

About Your Professors, Dr. Sean Jasso

Sean JassoDr. Sean Jasso has served as a lecturer in management at UCR for over ten years.  His main teaching and research disciplines include strategic management, marketing management and corporate governance & ethics.  Dr. Jasso’s expertise also includes political economy, comparative politics, public policy and globalization.  He designed The Global Programs in 2010 taking the first student team to University of Oxford.  Since then, the Programs have added China, India, Turkey, Japan and Vietnam.  He enjoys teaching students about the world’s competitive markets and encourages students to gain as much global exposure as they can.  Dr. Jasso’s main goal for you is to help you to strengthen your resume and The Global Program’s Mission is a great place to start.  He looks forward to traveling with you this year. Contact him at

The Country Portfolio

  • China 2014:
    Shanghai, China (Finals Week – Winter Break)
    December 14-20, 2014
    Depart Saturday, December 13 – Arrive Shanghai, China, Sunday, December 14
    Program runs Monday, December 15 and concludes Friday, December 19
    Return to Los Angeles on Saturday, December 20
  • Oxford 2015:
    University of Oxford, United Kingdom (Spring Break)
    March 21 – 28, 2015
    Depart Saturday, March 21 – Arrive London, England, Sunday, March 22
    Program runs Monday, March 23 and concludes Friday, March 27
    Return to Los Angeles on Saturday, March 28
  • Vietnam 2015:
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Week prior to Summer Session)
    June 13 – 20, 2015
    Depart Saturday, June 13 – Arrive Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Sunday, June 14
    Program runs Monday, June 15 and concludes Friday, June 19
    Return to Los Angeles on Saturday, June 20

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