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China & Vietnam

CHINA & VIETNAM 2018: Two Countries - One Amazing Program



  • The China Tour - Shanghai
  • The Vietnam Tour - Ho Chi Min City

Important Dates: Winter Break 2018 


Watch events from the 2017 Global Programs to China and Vietnam

UCR's residency program in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) takes you from the beating heart of the dragon to the capital of Asia’s newest tiger.

Why China?

The start of the 21st century has witnessed a historic rebalancing of the world economy in favor of the world’s most populated region, Asia. At its core is the rise of China, which is now the world’s second-largest economy and on track to overtake the US by 2021. Today one quarter of the world’s total manufacturing output is produced in China.

As China’s economy matures and slows down, however, Chinese manufacturing has become less competitive in the more labor-intensive parts of the supply chain. In response, corporations are shifting this type of manufacturing to countries with more room to grow. At the forefront of this shift is Vietnam: a dynamic economy in Southeast Asia that has lifted its 90-million-strong population out of poverty since first implementing free-market reforms in 1997 (the “Doi Moi” policy). For the past few years, multinationals from the US, Japan, South Korea and other countries have been ramping up their operations in Vietnam, building factories and launching joint ventures.

vietnamWhy Vietnam?

Vietnam has many economic advantages aside from a low cost of labor. Its ports are modern and well-situated on shipping routes, making it easy to integrate into global supply chains. Its population is young, with 40% of the population aged 15–49 and in the labor force. Finally, its government is actively promoting foreign investment and has committed to reforming the country’s inefficient public sector, a holdover from Vietnam’s communist past.

In the short time since it joined the World Trade Organization in 2007, Vietnam has become an export powerhouse with China as its largest importer and the U.S. as its largest export market. 

This is a new era for Vietnam–U.S. relations, who are also cooperating in the defense arena to better respond to the uncertainty created by China’s newfound geopolitical assertiveness. Now is the time to discover Vietnam for yourself.


What's Next?

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  • Get your passport updated if necessary
  • Start getting ready to get on board to China & Vietnam!
  • Stay Strong!

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