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Washington, DC and New York City

WASHINGTON, DC & NEW YORK CITY 2018 - Global Program

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Discover the political and financial capitals of the United States

Visit the White House, Congress, and attend briefings at the Department of Labor, and several Fortune 500 companies located in Tysons, the “Silicon Valley of the East,” such as, Capital One, Hilton Worldwide, and a prominent management consulting firm.  Take a tour of the national monuments and historic sites while in DC and then travel to NYC to visit the 9/11 Memorial, World Trade Center, Central Park, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. We will hear from a hedge fund executive at Barclays bank on Wall Street and finish with a Broadway show.

Diversify your resume while seeing first-hand how politics, finance, government, and the private sector all converge in the political and financial epicenters of the United States.  

 Important dates: 

  • Departure: September 9, 2018 (Sunday night): Arrival in DC on 9/10, (Monday morning)
  • Return: September 14, 2018 (Friday night): Arrival in LA (Friday night / early Sat morning)

Why Washington, DC and New York City?

The Global Programs is mindful that the United States is a ‘foreign market’ for many of UCR’s international students and has thus designed a future program to take students to Washington, DC and New York City. The DC/NY program also appeals to our domestic students who have expressed strong interest in broadening their own American experience. George Mason University will be our academic host providing the politics and policy segment of America’s political capital. All major monuments and government institutions complement the Washington visit.  The week-long intensive program then moves to Manhattan where we will visit America’s financial capital with corporate site visits to include the New York Stock Exchange, the new World Trade Center and other major cultural landmarks and institutions of New York City.

DCWashington, DC 
  • Learn the fundamentals of the American political institutions - how does the U.S. govern?
  • Learn the essentials of American public policy - from policy design to policy implementation
  • Site visits include - the major national monuments - U.S. Capitol, White House, Supreme Court
  • George Mason Schar School of Public Policy - host university 
New York City 
  • See first-hand the world's epicenter of banking, finance and investment
  • Learn the essentials of American monetary policy and its implications
  • Site visits include - the major sites of Manhattan - Wall Street, the World Trade Center, Central Park and the Empire State
 Don't miss this life-changing opportunity! 
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