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Economic Forecast Conference

Economic Forecast Conference

Economic Forecast Conference

On October 1, 2015, the UCR School of Business Administration will once again host the annual Economic Forecast Conference, together with Beacon Economics, for the Riverside/San Bernardino region. For the sixth year in a row, the UCR School of Business Administration will bring together the region’s business leaders to generate discussion and provide insight on the region's economy.

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2014 Economic Forecast Conference

Forecast Presentations

2013 Economic Forecast Conference

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About Beacon Economics

The accuracy of their forecasts have helped establish them as one of California’s most reputable economic research firms, but there are no crystal balls here - or anywhere. Their reputation has grown out of their commitment to analytical excellence. That commitment feeds their firm’s dedication to delivering best-of-class economic research based on proven methodologies and sophisticated data processing.Beacon Economics, LLC is an independent economic research and consulting firm focused on helping their clients make informed decisions about investment, growth, revenue, policy, and other critical economic and financial issues. Founded in 2006, Beacon Economics entered the spotlight as one of the earliest and most adamant predictors of the subprime housing market meltdown – and as one of a handful of organizations to stand against the tide and correctly calculate the depth and breadth of the global economic crisis that followed.

While good analysis can revolutionize an industry or grow a business, bad analysis can bring one down. The academic training and credentials of their experts set them apart from most economic consulting firms. Unlike many of their competitors, Beacon Economics is led by, and works with, Ph.D. economists – not MBAs or urban or city planners calling themselves economists. Beacon Economics is committed to delivering the most penetrating and thorough economic analysis available – and always with the goal of equipping their clients with honest, realistic information essential for survival and success.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By joining us as a sponsor you become a leader in providing your community with accurate insights and crucial perspectives into the U.S., California, and regional economy – and at a time when quality information is more important than ever. 

Sponsors of our events are showcased to thousands of the region’s business and public sector leaders through extensive marketing and promotion. You are established as a community leader committed to the economic vitality and success of your region. See the brochure below for sponsorship options and benefits. 

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