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Pursuit of Excellence

The Pursuit of Excellence

The UCR School of Business 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, "The Pursuit of Excellence," is the result of work from many individuals over the course of more than a year. In early 2016, UCR School of Business selected Academic Leadership Associates to facilitate the development of the School’s strategic plan. A Strategic Planning Committee was established consisting of administrators, faculty, students, staff and external stakeholders.

Areas of focus in this planning effort included:

  • Analysis of the environment and marketplace served
  • Review of stakeholder needs and competitor initiatives
  • Analysis of current strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Articulation of key elements of the mission: purposes, values and measures, and
  • Identification of potential new fields of focus and evaluation of the foci that may no longer be relevant in today’s marketplace.

This process followed by the identification of distinctive capabilities and measures of success. For this step and the remainder of the planning process, the committee was subdivided into smaller task forces to work on the following aspects of the plan:

  • External Relations
  • Internal Operations
  • People
  • Scholarship
  • Educational Programs

Following the assessment of the School’s distinctive competencies, the committee developed key strategic directions.

The committee as a whole met on four occasions in 2016 (April 28-29, May 20, June 6 and October 14), concluding on a fifth session on March 10, 2017 where the final draft plan was approved by the committee.

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