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Visiting Scholars at the UCR School of Business Administration

Scholastic excellence is one of the hallmarks of the UCR School of Business Administration (SoBA). The UCR business school is distinguished by the caliber of its visiting scholars. Get to know them.

Please note that effective September 1, 2012, an administrative fee of $1,000.00 will be charged to visiting scholars from institutions outside of the School. This is a one-time fee associated with administrative support that the School provides (such as office support, space, Internet, technical support, administrative expenses, etc.).

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Johanna FrosenJohanna Frösén

For Johanna Frösén, a meeting with SoBA marketing professor David Stewart at a marketing conference in 2011 led to her decision to become a visiting scholar at UCR. "I was deeply impressed by his expertise and insight, and wanted to hear more about his views on my dissertation topic," she said.

Qian GangQian Gang

Qian Gang chose to become a visiting scholar at UCR because of its fast-growing business school.

Jiaojie HanJiaojie Han

She wanted to learn from the best, so she followed management professor Amnon Rapoport to SoBA. “Because he is a very famous professor in the economic research area and has achieved a lot, I think I will no doubt improve my research ability by working under him,” she said of Rapoport.

Ronghua JiangRonghua Jiang

A visiting scholar from China, Ronghua Jiang's main areas of research interest are human resource management and industry economy.

Minoru Otsubo

A corporate finance professor, Minoru Otsubo knew he wanted to be a visiting scholar at UCR's business school after reading a book by finance professor Richard Smith, translated in Japanese.

Cheolho Yoon

Cheolho Yoon decided to become a visiting scholar at UCR because of the opportunity to work with its world-renowned faculty, its MBA courses, and its location in Inland Southern California.

Tiezhu ZhangTiezhu Zhang

Tiezhu Zhang is visiting SoBA as a scholar because of the opportunity to work with accounting professor Woody Liao.

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