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Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence

Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence

Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence

In recognition of their commitment to outstanding research, expertise in their field and devotion to teaching excellence, Dr. Kyle Ingram, Dr. Sean Jasso, Dr. Scott Burd, and Dr. Long Gao are the winners of 2017 - 2018 Golden Apple Awards for Teaching Excellence.

The Golden Apple Awards is an annual student-voted teaching award given to outstanding faculty.

Dr. Kyle Ingram is the winner for teaching in the Preparation for Business Administration major (BUS 10 and 20) and upper-division major requirements category in the undergraduate program. He teaches Organizational Behavior, Leadership Development, Communication, Leadership, Teams, & Ethics course.

Dr. Sean Jasso won the elective courses category in the undergraduate program. He teaches Business Ethics, Law, Marketing and Distribution Management, Competitive and Strategic Analysis, Senior Honor Research, Honors Research for Undergraduates, Special Studies, Leader of Tomorrow Theory, Practice, Directed Studies, and Honors Individual Internship.

Dr. Scott Burd won the core course category of the graduate program. He teaches Leadership Development, Corporate Strategy, Fieldwork in Management. In fall he will teach Organizational Behavior and Theory, and Strategic Organization Change.

Dr. Long Gao won in the elective course category of the graduate program. He teaches Simulation for Business, Operations Management for Competitive Advantage, Business Modeling and Simulation, Fieldwork in Management, Directed Studies, and Research for Thesis.

In judging the effectiveness of teaching, students were asked to consider a professor's ability to teach their material with force and logic while simultaneously making it understandable for students. Students also weighed the professor's attitude, mentorship ability and their capacity to inspire and mentor.



The two categories are:

  • Preparation for Business Administration major (BUS 10 and 20) and Upper-division major requirements
  • Elective courses


All Pre-Business and Business Major students are eligible to vote. Any faculty member (ladder-rank and lecturer) who has taught at least 3 classes in the last two years is eligible for the award. After winning an award in a category, a faculty is not eligible to win the same award for the next 2 years.

Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness

In judging the effectiveness of a professor’s teaching, students should consider such points as the following: ability to organize material and to present it with force and logic; capacity to awaken in students an awareness of the relationship of the subject to other fields of knowledge; fostering of student independence and capability to reason; spirit and enthusiasm in teaching; ability to arouse curiosity in students, to encourage high standards, and to stimulate students to creative work; personal attributes as they affect teaching and students; extent and skill of the professor’s participation in the general guidance, mentoring, and advising of students; effectiveness in creating an academic environment that is open and encouraging to all students, including development of particularly effective strategies for the educational advancement of students in various underrepresented groups.

Selection Process

Voting is online and is open to all Pre-Business and Business Major students. The names of eligible faculty will be listed in each award category and students will be asked to vote for up to 3 professors in each category. The winners are selected based on the most student votes.



Kyle Ingram, Assistant Professor of Teaching in Management


Sean Jasso, Continuing Lecturer of Management


Long Gao, Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management 



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