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The SoBA/Bourns Consultancy program features UCR business students working with engineering seniors to bring their concepts into the marketplace.

(March 19, 2013)

On Friday, March 15, 2013, the second annual SoBA/Bourns Consultancy program concluded with the presentation of the capstone business plans.

Launched last year, this annual collaboration between UCR’s School of Business Administration and the Bourns College of Engineering has SoBA students serving as business consultants to bio-engineering students completing their senior design projects. 

This year, 27 SoBA consultants, including 2 MBAs, worked with 56 engineering seniors during the winter 2013 term.

The mission of the collaboration is to provide SoBA students the opportunity to help their engineering colleagues (clients) bring their bio-engineering concept into the competitive marketplace. Selected projects included:

  • Universal Bio-Cell Reactor
  • Prosthetic Arms
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Laparoscope
  • Duodenal Atresia Surgery Simulation
  • Wireless Electrocardiogram

For the program, led by Bourns's Dr. Hyle Park and SoBA's Dr. Sean Jasso, students enroll in a 190 two-unit course. SoBA students work each week with their Bourns client building competitive market and financial analyses, marketing strategies and capital sourcing, to name a few. The project concludes with a formal business plan document and presentation at Winston Chung Hall to Bourns/SoBA colleagues, faculty and students.

Recruiting for the 2014 SoBA/Bourns Consultancy will begin in spring 2013 and teams will be finalized in early fall 2013.

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