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In its second year competing in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition, UCR's teams won first and second place honors.

(May 1, 2013)

Two University of California, Riverside teams composed of MBA students won high honors at the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC), held April 19-21. The teams won first and second place trophies in the Best Overall Performance and Best Documents categories.

This is the 49th year the ICBSC has been held, and this is only the second time UCR has competed.

This year, ICBSC simulation software program was incorporated into a UCR MBA capstone strategy course. The UCR teams studied the simulated global competitive environment and inputted decisions in weekly cycles–each week representing a quarter of a year. A sample of the decisions included investment in research and development, advertising and promotion expenses, employee compensation, production capacity, product pricing, financing new plant production, and satisfying shareholders through dividend payouts and stock repurchasing, and even taking emergency financing loans.

Each team consisted of a CEO and VPs of major functional divisions. Between the weekly decision deadlines, teams worked with their faculty advisors, Dr. Roger Conway and Dr. Sean Jasso, and learned the challenges and opportunities of time management and team work while working under pressure to run sophisticated forecasts, manage the firm’s financial statements, and respond to unexpected changes in the economy and even the unexpected tsunami.

Twenty-seven teams from around the world competed at the event, held in Anaheim, California. Hotel suites at the Anaheim Doubletree Hotel served as team headquarters where weekly decisions became hourly decisions, ultimately running the company for seven years. Students prepared sophisticated business plans and held board of directors meetings before a panel of industry executives from around the country serving as the event’s judges.

The event culminated in a formal dinner and awards ceremony on April 20 where the judges, advisors and teams from Canada, China, England and the United States relaxed from the demands of running their global businesses. 

Team CEO Ryan Rakib said, "We are grateful to our professors as all the classes, group projects, case analysis have prepared us with the necessary tools we used through the duration of the competition. We strongly believe that our dedication and hard work will inspire the next year's teams to take this success to the next great level."

"We are proud of our MBA competitors this year," Jasso said. "We look forward to competing in the 50th anniversary ICBSC in April 2014."

The competitors included:  Chein-Po Liao, Chiu-Ju Hou, Hsiao-Yun Lee, Lina Xu, Tommy Ngo, Steven Jew, Zhaohong Dai, Charlotte Deshayes, Yilian Hu, Mashud Qayum, Ryan Rakib, and Wei Zhou.

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