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Allan Taing was one of three UCR staff members honored with the award recognizing support of student veterans.

(May 28, 2013)

On May 24, SoBA academic advisor Allan Taing received the Bravo Zulu Award in recognition of his work assisting UCR students who are veterans.

The award was presented by UCR Student Special Services and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Jim Sandoval as part of the Sixth Annual Memorial Day Luncheon and Senior Recognition event. Three staff members and one faculty member, as well as one campus office, were honored for their service. This is the first year the Bravo Zulu Awards were given out.

Taing was recognized for his support of student veterans attending the UCR School of Business Administration, as well as his strong participation in the UCR Veterans Support Team, which was formed in 2008.

"Bravo Zulu" refers to naval flag signal code meaning "well done." As such, Student Special Services presented the awards to indicate a job “well done” by the recipients. The certificate includes a depiction of the nautical signal flags, Bravo and Zulu.

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