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In the lead-up to commencement, business students capped off the year with a hike to the "C."

(June 10, 2013)

Hike to the COn the morning of Saturday, June 1, UCR business students from Dr. Sean Jasso's "Leadership Development" and "Competitive and Strategic Analysis" courses hiked to the UCR "C" to end the year "strong and on top."  

(The "C" is seen in the background of the photograph behind the students).

The 19 students, many of whom are graduating on June 14, commemorated their hike by making direct contributions of nearly $500 to the UCR campus United Way program. 

Future "Hikes to the C" and United Way fundraising opportunities will be coordinated for July near the end of the first summer session and at the end of each forthcoming term.

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