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The UCR business school hired a new Director of International Relations to help in capitalizing on the high presence of international students at the School.

(October 3, 2013)

Steve Chen receptionThe University of California, Riverside School of Business Administration on October 3 introduced its new Director of International Relations, Steve Chen, at a reception hosted by SolarMax Technologies at its downtown Riverside facilities.

With an incoming graduate class comprised of around 80 percent international students for the 2013-2014 school year, the UCR business school created the Director of International Relations position to act as a bridge between the global marketplace, the School, and the business community.

According to Interim Dean Yunzeng Wang, the high presence of international students at the business school presents opportunities for further economic growth not just for the School, but also for the community at large.

Chen’s new role will be to help facilitate those opportunities.

“International student spending has a strong economic impact on the Riverside area,” Wang said. “These students provide a major source of revenue for the local economy by living and renting apartments in the area, shopping at local stores, and eating at Riverside restaurants. And we are cultivating them to be future business leaders who will one day bring much needed business skills to the local work force and become potential investors in the region. So there is definitely strong incentive for us to engage these international business students during their stay here.”

Wang added, “Steve Chen will play a vital role as we move forward to executive this vision and goal of the School. With his strong track record of bringing in investment dollars to UCR and the Southern California region, we are confident he can do the job.”

According to Chen, “Right now, the influx of international students to our School gives a definite boost to the economy. What we are striving for is to make sure that they continue to contribute to the local economy even after they have graduated.”

Chen added, “Together through future partnerships, the School and the community can benefit from the opportunities these international business students bring to our region. I look forward to helping make our local economy stronger through our combined efforts.”

About the UCR School of Business Administration

Established in 1972, the University of California, Riverside School of Business Administration is the first professional school of its kind in the region, and the only one at a research-based institution. It is home to the largest undergraduate business program in the UC system, as well as the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, which offers MBA, Flex MBA, Master of Professional Accountancy and Master of Finance programs. Leveraging its location at the nexus of commerce, the UCR business school seeks to develop world-class leaders and scholars who are as diverse as the challenges they face and the enterprises they grow.

About Steve Chen

A native of China, Steve Chen attended UCR to earn his Master of Computer Science and MBA degrees. He then went on to Riverside IT firm Acorn Technology as Vice President for Strategic Planning and CFO. Most notably, he has served as Special Assistant to Winston Chung, the well-known Chinese entrepreneur and battery technology inventor. Steve was instrumental in several of Winston Chung’s investments in several U.S. companies, as well as a 16 million-dollar donation to UCR. Through Chen’s efforts, the Southern California region has seen more than 150 million dollars of direct foreign investment come in. He has successfully closed more than 400 million dollars of cross border transactions, mainly in international mergers and acquisitions. 

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