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The School of Business Administration and the County of Riverside enter into a partnership that would give interested County employees a reduction in tuition.

Riverside County MOU(November 14, 2013)

The UCR School of Business Administration (SoBA) and the County of Riverside entered into a partnership made official at a signing ceremony held at the University of California, Riverside's Anderson Hall on October 31.

The signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SoBA and the County declares that interested employees of Riverside County can receive a significant reduction in tuition if they apply for the MPac, MFin, or Flex MBA programs at the UCR business school. 

Those in attendance from the County included Jay Orr (County Executive Officer), John Mooney (Assistant Director of Human Resources), Tom Freeman (County EDA Commissioner), Shondi Lee (Educational Support Program Manager) and Amanda Vasquez (Human Resources Technician).

Interim dean Yunzeng Wang said, "At the UCR business school, we are all about partnering with the business community. Through this MOU signing, employees of the County of Riverside can take advantage of the great opportunities for growth that await them through our business programs."

Executive Director for Graduate Programs Arkadiusz Mironko added, "With our committment to diversity, innovation, sustainable growth and global impact, we are broadening the global horizons of County employees, helping them with personal development and increasing the County's competitiveness." 

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Mark Manalang
Communications Manager & Editor/Writer

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