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School of Business Administration Students Tour the Port of Los Angeles -  The Hub of Global Distribution. 

(November 18, 2013)

On Friday, November, 8, 2013, forty-five students from UCR’s School of Business Administration took an exclusive inside tour of APM Terminals at the Port of Los Angeles, the largest single proprietary shipping terminal in the world. 

Home of the Maersk Sealand Company, APM Terminals sits on 484 acres (196 ha), can accommodate 8,000 wheeled and 17,000 grounded containers, and can handle up to 1.6 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units – the standardized maritime industry measurement used when counting cargo containers of varying lengths).  The centerpiece of the terminal is a 40 acre (16 ha) on-dock rail facility with over 5 miles of working track, which can accommodate 4 double stack trains. By moving containers bound for inland destinations directly at the on-dock rail facility and through the Alameda corridor, over 1,000 truck moves per day are eliminated, resulting in reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality. 

The aim of the trip was to expose undergraduate and graduate business students to operations management and the channels of global distribution up close and personal – literally standing at the cranes and ships lifting cargo on and off massive ships heading inbound and outbound.  Manager David Pollard of APM Terminals gave a lecture where students learned how the channels of distribution and global trade impact our way of life and our economy at large.  For example, forty three percent of the nation’s trade is received and distributed through the enormous man-made island known as Pier 400.  After the lecture, Mr. Pollard led the students on a walking tour of the headquarters building where the group saw the control center for the entire operation and were able to see from the observation roof-top a 360-degree open view of the inbound cargo ships, the endless flow of trucks, and the massive cranes moving thousands of containers on and off ships.

After the tour the students enjoyed a special luncheon hosted at the Palm Restaurant, located in downtown Los Angeles at the epicenter of the financial district.  Students enjoyed the fellowship of their colleagues while discussing what they had just learned and observed.  The relationship with APM Terminals is unique among business schools and SoBA is proud to be in partnership with this important institution so vital to global trade.  Future trips to the Port of Los Angeles are being planned for the forthcoming terms. 

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Rich Reyes
Contributing Writer



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