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UCR Business Professor is Awarded $87,000 by the UC Innovative Learning Technology Initiative

Dr. Hai Che, UCR School of Business Associate Professor of Marketing has been awarded $87,000 from the University of California Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) for his proposed course Database Marketing, which will be called Data-Driven Marketing in the fall quarter of 2018.

More than ever, in today’s highly complex and competitive world, businesses need to understand customer needs in greater detail and then find creative ways of fulfilling those needs. The Data-Driven Marketing course, which is taught by Professor Hai Che and received the ILTL award in February 2018, examines the use of modern-day data analytical methods to collect and process customer information and then use this information to plan and implement successful business strategies in business organizations.

Using the ILTL award, Professor Che will redesign the course to convert it into a fully online course. Lectures will be delivered online, so will the delivery of course materials and hosting of office hours. The instructor and teaching assistants will interact and engage students through online announcements, course discussion forums, video conferencing and other types of online social media. In addition to attending lectures, students will work on exercises and take exams online, share course resources and post questions for the instructors via course discussion forums, as well as work on group projects with their teammates by collaborating online via a group webpage within the course website.

Students will learn to utilize survey and statistical software to collect, manage, display, and analyze customer and market-level data. The course covers topics such as attitude measurement to identify customer needs and perceptions, segmenting the market, & market competition analysis. Students also learn to use professional surveys and statistical analysis software to collect and analyze data to come up with sensible business strategies.

The University of California Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) was established in 2013, to meet the UC campus educational need for high-quality online courses that will help UC undergraduates get the courses they need, satisfy degree requirements, and graduate on time. The ILTI uses four components to accomplish its goal: provide funds to UC faculty to create new online courses and enhance existing online courses, provide department and campus support to ensure sustainability of the courses created by faculty through the awards granted by ILTI, create a cross-campus enrollment searchable database of online courses so that students can find the classes they need, and gauge initiative performance to maintain accountability.

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