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Entrepreneurship Week at UCR School of Business

April 26, 2018

UCR School of Business held a week of events dedicated to entrepreneurship that gave students a 360 degree perspective on leadership and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, with conferences, panels, guest speakers and workshops. 

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On April 17th, the School of Business kicked off Entrepreneurship Week with a talk by Chris Sims, a successful business owner in southern California who has been operating Italian Restaurants in the region since the age of twenty-two. He gave students candid insights about the work, passion, and effort required to be a successful entrepreneur. He also disseminated more practical advice, such as choosing partners, suppliers, hiring employees, and managing business from a financial perspective.

The next event included a panel of five business owners from different industries, including apparel, fitness, political advising, and IT consulting. Each panelist gave their advice on running and maintaining a successful business. Four of the panel members are also current MBA students. They included Alfredo Andrade, a political consultant, Amber Medina, owner of Meow and Co., Ken Weigel, owner of ABC Office Systems, and Andrew Cochetti, who runs an apparel business, RADI, and Mario Rodriguez.

After the panel, AGSM hosted a fair where the participants were invited to meet the panelists in person to learn more about their business. The panel members promoted their businesses as well and showcased their products.

On Saturday, April 21st, the School of Business Undergraduate Programs Office hosted the 5th Annual Entrepreneurship Boot Camp. The boot camp was moderated by Information Systems Professor Asish Satpathy and was led by David Ochi, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Program from UC Irvine, and Brian Dao. Participants were given a serious look into the minds of entrepreneurs, and gained a unique perspective on the exercise of leadership in the real world. Taj Elridge, Director of the ExCite program was the lunchtime speaker and provided insights on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Later that same day, students attended the Business Student Leadership Conference, hosted by the Undergraduate Business Program and UCR Career Center, and sponsored by KOHL’S. With keynote speaker, Ruben Hernandez, a UCR alumni who has exemplified leadership in the business world, students learned how to determine their personal approach to leadership and how to handle different types of personalities within the workplace. The event provided a networking opportunity and brought a unique perspective on leadership into the minds of these student leaders.



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