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About Finance

In the finance area, as a key aspect of the strategic vision of SoBA, we seek to provide opportunities for you to master the areas of finance and the hands-on capabilities that are critical to your professional success. Increasingly you can expect to find that finance courses will include opportunities for you to develop your analytical and decision-making strengths in the context of coursework that is central to financial management and investments. We expect that you will find the courses we offer are challenging and demanding, but that the potential rewards more than justify the effort.

At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the courses we seek to offer in finance are selected to offer the highest value added for three main groups of students:

  • If you are interested in financial management, we try to offer at least three elective courses per year that cover the most important areas of financial management — topics like important financial policy and strategy decisions, corporate governance and control, merger and acquisition, and risk management are spread throughout the curriculum.
  • If you are interested in investments, we try to offer at least three elective courses per year that cover key topics related to investing and investment management — topics like investment decision-making, portfolio management, options and futures, and professional investment management are covered in the standard mix of courses.
  • We also work with our management science colleagues and with other schools and departments at UCR to offer a set of courses that is appropriate for those of you who have the analytical background and quantitative orientation to pursue a sequence of courses that can prepare you for financial engineering.

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