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About Information Systems

Information Systems (IS) is focused on helping organizations leverage technology in order to create or sustain a competitive advantage. To achieve this, a good understanding of both fundamental technologies and management are crucial. While Information Technology (IT) constitutes the tools, Information Systems is centered on understanding the tools and their interactions and integration with people and processes throughout an organization.

 Managers can no longer manage without the use of information systems. Due to the rapid pace of change occurring in the world of technology, managers must be able to quickly understand the implications of new technology on their organization. Consequently, our students often pursue careers in consulting, where a comprehensive view of management is needed. Our curriculum is also well suited for students who focus on other areas of management, such as marketing, accounting, operations, finance, and general management.

The IS curriculum provides a foundation for understanding technology, and its applications and roles in management. Our courses cover a span of technical, analytical and organizational and business issues.

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